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Okay Instagram, I See Your Fashion Berets, But I Don't Want To Wear One
Everyone is suddenly wearing a fashion beret and it's making me all kinds of
Let me clarify, not the beret itself. There are far greater injustices in the
world than the infiltration of a small felt (or leather, or wool) accessory.
It's that fashion berets speak to our obsession with emulating the mythical
French Girl. Perhaps you don't have a closet full of well-tailored separates or
the digestive enzymes for refined carbohydrates; there's now a trendy hat for
that. The fashion beret is a costume.
According to historians, berets can be traced back to Jesus Bronze Age tombs
in Italy and Denmark. French soldiers wore berets during WWII. Che Guevara and
Fidel Castro were beret wearers. Berets were a signifier for Black Panther
revolutionaries in the 60s. You already know Pablo Picasso got his beret on.
Monica Lewinsky. Beret. 2016 Super Bowl Beyoncé? More like Beretoncé. Sorry,
moving swiftly on. Last spring, Dior sent models down the runway wearing
military-inspired leather berets. Next came Chanel resort 2017, where wool
berets appeared alongside Panama hats. Cue the post-runway trickle-down to
Instagram, where hashtag beret calls up nearly 250 thousand hits, plus 10
thousand more for those who added the accent over "e" correctly. And that only
accounts for labeled beret-wearers. Many go untagged.
"I wore a beret yesterday," noted Marie Claire design director Wanyi Yang,
when I asked her about the recent epidemic. "It's annoying if done wrong." I'm
just not convinced there's a right way. Another friend replied simply, "f*ck
I know what you're thinking. Julie, you wear a baseball hat every damn day.
And I don't see an MLB contract in your future. That's true, but my hats are
clinical. As a product of ten years in the beauty industry, I have been
conditioned to treat my face like patent leather shoes—sure you might wear them
to a function, but mostly those sh*ts live in a dust bag because once they get
scuffed up, it's a wrap. I am obsessively committed to keeping my face in the
dust bag and staying out of the sun. I'm even willing to sacrifice personal
style (and self respect) in the name of sun protection, which is why you won't
see my forehead during waking hours.
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