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Posted: Saturday, October 07, 2017 09:37:25 PM
Stella McCartney lays waste to disposable fashion in Paris
Glamour for its own sake is not something I have ever been particularly
interested in,” Stella McCartney said backstage after her catwalk show. Which
could sound like a facetious statement from a fashion designer who was, at that
moment, standing among the marble-slabbed floors, elaborately frescoed ceilings
and giant chandeliers of the Palais Garnier opera house, where the show was
But McCartney has broken down barriers between high fashion and ethical
fashion by straddling two worlds. Her mission statement is that clothes made
from sustainable viscose and cruelty-free alternatives to leather should not be
targeted at a niche market, but shown to hold their own on the Paris fashion
week catwalk.The invitations to this show were rolls of logoed eco-friendly,
recycled and recyclable bin bags made from low-density polyethylene, stamped
with the label’s logo. The designer’s most recent advertising campaign was shot
in a Scottish landfill site, featuring the models Birgit Kos in a camel jumpsuit
on top of the decaying wreck of a car, and Iana Godnia in a green lace party
dress prone on a bed of cardboard and flattened milk cartons.
The bin bags, and the campaign, were intended to encourage debate about
wastefulness in the fashion industry, in which McCartney is engaging by using
yarn made from plastic bottles retrieved from the seas by the Parley for the
Oceans initiative to make a Parley Ultra Boost trainer and the Ocean Legend
Falabella handbag. In partnership with the fashion resale site The RealReal,
McCartney is also embracing the “circular economy” by encouraging resale as one
strategy for reducing the 75% of clothes worldwide that end up in landfill.
This collection was strong on the day-to-night staples the Stella McCartney
customer wants. (The designer herself was wearing tailored caramel-coloured
trousers with a toning crew neck knit, because “it’s work, and I have too much
to do to get dressed up”.) The double-breasted blazer which is on every front
row this season came with an elbow-length sleeve for spring, while jumpsuits, a
signature of the label, came slinky and tailored or in a blowsier boiler suit
silhouette. French taffeta evening separates – a puffball skirt, and a ruffled
blouse – were pressed flat to drag them up to date. “I’ve always done that with
party dresses – take the lining out to flatten them, or chop into them,” said
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Posted: Tuesday, October 17, 2017 09:38:38 PM
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Posted: Saturday, December 16, 2017 06:30:06 AM
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Posted: Friday, December 22, 2017 06:43:19 AM

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