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dazzling blue frock complete with a VERY high slit at New York Fashion
Showcasing her lean legs, the designer frock also featured risque slits that
surpassed her upper thighs.
With only one sleeve, the ensemble donned disheveled frayed tassels hanging
off throughout.
Andreja's single sleeve which featured undone loop buttons featured a bubble
look with a tight cuff at its end.
Helping her keep maintain focus on the catwalk, the stunner's black round-toe
shoes weren't too high.
Keeping the attention solely on the dress, Andreja's accessories solely
consisted off a pair of pearl studded earrings that had dropped silver swirls
The international model's makeup was also kept minimal for the show.
Flaunting her clear and luminous complexion, Andreja was seen with slight
contouring to bring out her well-defined cheekbones and had her full brunette
eyebrows brushed out.
Along with all the other models cast for the show, the Serbian-born stunner's
platinum locks were slicked back off of her face.
She's the glamourous Australian transgender model who now calls New York
And on Sunday, Andreja Pejic showed fans why she's one of the world's most
sought after models.
Walking in the Prabal Gurung show alongside Gigi Hadid and Taylor Hill, the
25-year-old strutted down the runway in a dazzling blue frock.
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