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Unbelieveable half for Stephen Clark

Think you've seen some red hot scoring performances? Well, you would be hard-pressed to find a player any more en fuego than Douglass junior Stephen Clark Friday night in Shreveport, Louisiana.

No, not even Oklahoma prep scoring legends Rotnei Clarke or Keiton Page ever equaled what Clark did in a single half. Yes, just 16 minutes.

Clark had a pedestrian 13 points at intermission and unleashed in the final two quarters against Airline High School. Unleashed to the point of 52 points after the break alone, nailing eight of 14 three-point attempts and a whopping 27 free throws.

Clark's 65-point effort equaled Rotnei Clarke's highest scoring game during his record-breaking career at Verdigris, and is one of the top individual scoring performances of all time, although five points shy of the top six in Oklahoma history.

Here's the top six single-game scoring efforts in state history (all 70 points or more):

105 - Kenneth Johnson, Grandfield vs. Terral (1979)
82 - Jay Armstrong, Ryan vs. Thackerville (1978)
77 - Arlen Clark, Colbert vs. Stringtown (1955)
71 - Tim Mugg, Waukomis vs. Pioneer (1980)
70 - Goose Ausbie, Crescent Douglass (1956)
70 - Chris Holuby, Dustin vs. Hanna (2003)

article updated on 01/10/12 13:28

Old...Bear55 on 01/10/12 01:54 PM said:
No more 70 games, you get to 30pts they pull you out now...
JimPat on 01/10/12 02:41 PM said:
Wow, hitting 27 free throws in one half is really amazing.
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