FIL World Lacrosse Championships 2014

Denver CO

Watch the first Nt'l World Lacrosse Championship on US soil since 1998! A record 38 nations visit Denver, CO for a 10 day, 142 game event. In the Blue Division are the top 6 (AUS, ENG, JAP, IRO, CAN, USA), but the top 4 will advance to the quarter-finals and semi-finals.

Your best bet to watch all games over the weekend would be a 60 Day Package for $29.99. This will get you all games including replay of the games after the event. You can also purchase individual games for $9.99.

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US Lacrosse - Summer Package
World Lacrosse on Coaches Aid is broadcasting on fields 1 - 6 and 8 only. With this package you will be able to watch all of the US Lacrosse content throughout the entire summer! Enjoy all Live and On-Demand action brought to you from Coaches Aid. Purchase this package for an awesome summer of fun!
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