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Posted: Wednesday, October 11, 2017 08:47:17 PM
What a Vogue editor actually wears off-duty
One of the questions fashion editors are commonly asked - other than what do
you actually do all day - is: ‘what do you wear when you just don’t feel like
getting all dressed up?’
Though people might think the answer is simple, it's actually quite hard to
answer because being a fashion stylist is not about being on duty or off, it is
about loving clothing and investing in my career as much as it is about
investing in my love of leathers, lace and everything in between.
I take as much care getting dressed for running errands on a Sunday afternoon
as I do a meeting with clients on Monday morning – every opportunity is a moment
to dress up, express myself and find my voice sartorially. But no, I don't
always need a gown.
So what do I wear on a Saturday morning or at home on a Friday night?
I tend to go for pieces that are functional but also a statement unto
themselves. Coach has been a long-time favourite and go-to of mine. Creative
director Stuart Vevers has an uncanny way of knowing what's next and what we
will all be obsessing over before we know we even want it.
I find myself reaching for my Coach leather varsity jacket more than anything
else in my wardrobe. From autumn to spring this piece works with everything from
floral dresses to a classic pairing of simple T-shirt and jeans. It's a uniform
I'm always reaching for when prepping for a shoot on a Friday – lots of running
around so looking on point is a must.
On Saturday and Sundays, I will admit comfort is usually key for me so a
favourite knit, something oversized and soft paired with sneakers for running
around and catching up on running errands.
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Posted: Thursday, October 12, 2017 12:14:58 AM
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