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Game of Thrones: the secret stories in the costumes' beautiful
You watch Game of Thrones, yes? But how closely do you watch it? Within every
scene of the TV epic, you see, there are subplots to decipher from within the
decorative costumes created by designer Michele Clapton and her principal
costume embroiderer, Michele Carragher.
From gemstones to fish scale sequins, every micro detail is considered, and
Carragher explains that the duo think about what materials a character could
have sourced for their outfit (depending on their status and the climate that
they live in) as well as their backstory and what they might choose to say about
themselves through their clothing.
“Costume is always a fundamental device to present a character’s personality
to an audience,” she says. “I always like to incorporate hidden meanings and
metaphor within my designs - I will place imagery or use materials that I have
researched and to add some personal narrative and personality..

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