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Posted: Thursday, August 31, 2017 10:04:40 PM
Is Theresa May influencing fashion? No, says Alexandra Shulman - but that
doesn't mean she should lose interest
On this morning's BBC radio Today show, ex British Vogue Editor Alexandra
Shulman revealed that, in her opinion, Theresa May isn't influencing fashion at
all. Shulman does, however, go on to say that "hopefully, she thinks that by
being one of the most high profile women in our society, she's able to actually
show that you can be powerful, and still be interested in fashion."
Certainly, she has a love for fashion, and a unique personal style. But can a
Prime Minister really set the fashion agenda, not just the political oneWe've
rounded up a handful of the Prime Minister's most stylish - and perhaps
influential - looks.
First up is this navy coat with a band of bright yellow, suggestive of May's
reliance on classic pieces with an element of modernity.
Her love of leopard print shoes has dominated headlines and divided opinion,
but that hasn't put her off wearing them. And we wouldn't be surprised if there
had been a spike in sales of leopard print shoes since May took the top job.
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