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Posted: Wednesday, August 23, 2017 09:32:38 PM
These flashy forces are not facing off, but rather coming together to
create Mayweather's look for this Saturday's highly anticipated face-off between
the champion and his Irish foe, Conor McGregor. Plein and Mayweather have worked
together to create the 40-year-old's trunks and robe for the ring, which will
give fans a taste of their just-announced ongoing, multiyear collaboration.
When it comes to style, the word "subtle" has never entered the pair's
collective vocabulary, so we expect their collection, inspired by Mayweather's
50th fight in his thus-far undefeated career, to be embellished, bedazzled and
blinding, with themes like "money," "cash" and "fame."
n one corner we have Floyd Mayweather Jr., a professional boxer who goes by
nicknames "Pretty Boy" and "Money" and is wont to post Instagrams of stacks of
cash and checks for $100 million dollars.
In the other, German-born fashion designer Philipp Plein, whose pastimes
include throwing massive fashion show extravaganzas attended by Madonna and
Tiffany Trump, and featuring performances by Fergie and Nas — and oh, his own
blingy clothes dripping in gold and covered in dollar signs.
I applaud Floyd’s winning spirit and have been intrigued by the idea of
collaborating together since he joined me on the runway to present my
spring/summer 2018 resort fashion show last May," said Plein in a release. "His
fashion sense and fearless attitude perfectly match the PHILIPP PLEIN mood and
Added Mayweather, “I am happy to collaborate with Philipp Plein, he is
unique in the fashion world. Like me he works and plays hard, lives the dream,
and demands the best.”
Meanwhile, McGregor — a style icon himself, who was named to Sports
Illustrated's 50 Most Fashionable of 2017 list thanks to his statement-making
wardrobe — has a more familiar high-fashion label in his back pocket: Versace.
The Irishman received a custom robe from Donatella Versace herself, which he
showed off on Instagram. The Italian fashion house has been known to use its
fair share of metallics and sparkles, so maybe bring your shades to this
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