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First, let me start by saying, in the near future I plan on officiating some basketball games as I just recently passed my exam but was not ready to start calling games. I am not posting this to start anything with anyone in particular, nor should anyone who has officiated my games believe I am frustrated with them individually. That being said, there has been a couple of things that I have noticed in my short coaching career (7 years now) and am curious if others have noticed the same thing and how they feel about it. A) Officials seem to call girls games different from boys. The games are not the same, generally speaking from an athletic standpoint, so I am not referring to that. However, there is a tendency to allow girls, especially at the elementary and junior high level, to get away with more violations, ie travelling, double dribble, carrying, crossing the line on inbound plays, lane violations. I don't know if it that the official's expectations are higher for the boys than the girls so they call according to their expectations or what, but this is something that I have pointed out to other's and they all tend to agree that the games are called differently. Has anyone else on here noticed this tendency? What are your thoughts about it? Thanks

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I have seen many officials in the girl's games at the HS level look extremely uninterested in what was going on (not getting in right position, won't talk to coaches, bad body language) and then when the boys game starts the energy ramps up and they are a much better official (especially when they know it will be a good boys game). I know a lot of that is just the human element. To most people a boys game is much more entertaining than a girls game but it is not fair to the girls. That has been one of my biggest complaints with certain officials.

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