Class 4A

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Posted: Tuesday, October 11, 2011 05:12:27 PM
Hilldale @ Fort gibson- Hornets with the obvious advantage. If Gandara plays big fot tigers, possible upset after the near shocker vs sallisaw a week ago. Prediction: Hilldale 42-20 Broken bow @ Stillwell-No brainer here Savages 69-0Poteau at sallisaw-could be an interesting thursday. Wilson kluttz must play big if the pirates are to have a shot. that being said, the Black Diamonds come away with this one. 34-14Muldrow at Webster- Muldrow won in OT last year, but the warriors have a stronger offense. Warriors win this one. 40-12Playoff scaramble. Hilldale, Broken Bow and Sallisaw, will all be in the playoffs this year. But who wins that 4th spot? Fort Gibson- Who has an explosive running attack? Poteau-Who many people see as the favorite? Or Webster?? Who has a great passing attack??If my predictions hold up, Webster will be at 2-2 and the lead for the fourth spot. Coming off of a pretty decent showing vs broken bow(28-13 loss, 1 possession difference most o the game. ) The Webster team has the lead, but im biased. So give me feed back on your opinion on my predictions and playoff scramble.

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Posted: Tuesday, October 18, 2011 03:29:02 PM
All my predictions held true. Broken bow will win the district. Sallisaw second. Webster and hilldale in a fight for third. Thought?
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Posted: Tuesday, October 18, 2011 11:09:29 PM
Good week for you.I believe that Webster has as good a shot as anyone for the 4th spot.Better win this week cause the last 2 will be tough!
Go Pirates!

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Posted: Wednesday, October 19, 2011 08:48:59 AM
I think, with Hilldales injuries, Sallisaw must be the favorite. Watch out for the Savages.........If they become healthy before Sallisaw game......I`m pickin` the Savages!!!!!!

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Posted: Wednesday, October 19, 2011 08:51:17 AM
Im not just being a biased babbler, but Websters defense looks pretty darn good. Broken Bow scored on a pick 6, and on a possession that statred at the webster 35, that means the offense was basically spotted 14 points. the other 14 came when websters heart of their defense Unique Moore Bell(84 tackles) went out. Muldrow scored once on offense, again on a possession that started deep in webster territory. The other TD came on a fluke kickoff return at the end of the half where the runner pitched it to the man behind him. Webster had 12 qb sacks last week. I feel as if stillwell could compete, but I expect the warriors to win and possibly knock off hilldale. Bryatt Alexander(hilldales new qb) had adrenaline rushing last week but I want to see how he does this week. I see it like this. Broken Bow beats poteau. Sallisaw beats hilldale. Fort Gibson beats Muldrow. And webster beats stillwell. If fort Gibson is upset this week and webster wins then fort G hands webster that playoff spot on a platter. So they better come to play.
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