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S-CL boys soccer teams have high hopes for the season

By Tracy Renck

CoachesAid.com Content Coordinator Colorado

  PUEBLO - Sometimes repeating history isn't a good thing.  

Soccer ball

S-CL soccer teams are aiming high this season.

  Rex Harriman certainly doesn't want to see his Pueblo West High School boys' soccer squad have its season end the way it did last year.  

  The Cyclones had a perfect South-Central League record en route to capturing the inaugural boys S-CL soccer crown in school history, only to lose at home against Wheat Ridge 4-3 in the round of 16 of the Class 4A state playoffs. The loss was especially hard to digest since the Cyclones led 3-0 at one point.  

  "Last year was a disappointment for us," Harriman said. "Sure, we went undefeated in the league, but we felt like we should've at least made it to the state semifinals. This year, we're aiming big to get to the state championship (game)."

  The S-CL team began league play this past Saturday and Pueblo West, Centennial, East and Pueblo County all have 1-0 records.  

  Harriman has good reason to set the bar so high for his squad. The Cyclones return nearly their entire team from a year ago, including S-CL most valuable player Ken Sherer, a senior midfielder.  

  "I would say Pueblo West should definitely win the league," veteran Centennial coach Jeff Sterling said. "Still, regardless of who wins the league, both of us should do well in the playoffs. We've been the most dominant team in the league for the past decade and we want to return to that this season."  

  Prior to last year, when the Bulldogs came in third in the S-CL, they had won seven consecutive league titles.  

  Canon, which was second in the S-CL last season, is trying to rebuild after losing 14 seniors off its 2008 team.  

  "We're going to just have to put the pieces together that we have and see what happens," Canon coach Pat Callahan said.  

  East, meanwhile, looks to continue its upward trend. After missing the postseason for eight straight seasons, the Eagles have made the playoffs in Kevin Weiner's two years as head coach.  

  "To be honest, I feel like we should finish no worse than second in the S-CL this season, and then make a run in the playoffs," Weiner said.   South is coming off a fifth-place S-CL effort last year and graduated seven starters.  

  "The young guys who played for me last year did well," South coach Francesco Miceli said. "We're going to just have to put our best foot forward. As for the league as a whole, I don't think anybody is going to compete with Pueblo West."  

  Gary Rael is back to guide Central and Pueblo County has a new coach in Chris Gonzales. Alamosa's Enrique Guerrero remains in control of a youthful Mean Moose team.  

  "We're fighting numbers again, but hopefully the guys will be able to come together," Rael said.  

  In Class 3A, Russ Avina is once again directing Dolores Huerta's program.


  Alamosa: Paul Pizza, sr., goalie; Roman Cardenas, sr., forward; Jacob Juarez, sr., defender; Isaiah Juarez, jr., defender; Ismael Juarez, defender. Coach: Enrique Guerrero.  

  Canon City: Zach Solis, sr., goalie; Stetson West, sr., defender; James Solano, jr., striker; Jordan Smith, jr., midfielder; Casey Freda, sr., midfielder; James DiLisio, jr., midfielder. Coach: Pat Callahan.  

  Centennial: Austin Tweedy, sr., defender; Mat Reyes, sr., midfielder; Jon-Michael Krasovic, sr., defender; Anthony Talmadge, , sr., forward; Kevin Shapiro, jr., goalie; Cole Papish, jr., midfielder; Connor Schultz, jr., defender; Cesar Perades jr., forward; Kevin O'Connor, jr., forward; Daniel Vance, jr., defender; Jake Hannafious, so., midfielder; Dylan Whitman, so., defender; Refugio Olivares, sr., midfielder; Jeff Shapiro, fr., midfielder; Alex Jimenez, fr., midfielder; Dominic Alarid, fr.; Colin Milligan, jr., midfielder; Caleb Spear, so., goalie. Coach: Jeff Sterling.  

  Central: Shawn Johnson, sr., midfielder; Jamie Thurston, jr., midfielder; Ruben Valdez, sr., defender; Chris Gutierrez, sr., goalie; Sebastian Salinas, so., defender; Rudy Castillo, jr., forward; Haydin Trimble, so., forward; Ben McDaniel, so., defender; Jeremy McDaniel, fr., midfielder. Coach: Gary Rael.  

  East: Elliott Parker, sr., sweeper; Bryce White, sr., defender; Dionicio De la Rosa, sr., goalie; Renee Chacon, sr., striker; Robert Fratterelli, sr., midfielder; Phillip Schulz, sr., defender; Andrew Raygoza, jr., midfielder; Ian Parker, so., midfielder. Coach: Kevin Weiner.  

  Pueblo County: Bryan Lawerenz, sr., midfielder; Derek Drury, jr., defender; Garrett Cote, sr., midfielder; Dominic Perkins, so., midfielder; Weston Russell, so., midfielder; Josh Storm, so., goalie; Travis Boother, so., defender; Hunter DeJoy, jr., midfielder; Dabid Sagstetter, sr., forward; Kyle Johnston, fr., defender; Alan Joseph Arrieta, fr., defender; Dolton Drury, fr., forward; Chris Berryhill, jr., forward. Coach: Chris Gonzales.  

  Pueblo West: T.J. Podio, sr., forward; Ken Sherer, sr., midfielder; Kip Castanha, jr., defender; Mike Driscoll, jr., midfielder; Eddie Fuentes, jr., midfielder; Josh Salinas, jr., forward; David Linkowski, sr., midfielder; Brandon Laine, sr., defender; Jacob Hill, jr., defender; Jon Rafferty, jr., goalie. Coach: Rex Harriman.  

  South: Zach Woods, sr., defender; Lucas Garcia, sr., center midfielder; T.J. Thiebaut, jr., forward; Dominic Cozzetta, jr.,midfielder; Mitch Ary, jr., defender; Trent Snarich, jr., defender; Marcus Segura, jr., defender; Tyler Shoun, jr., midfielder; Alex Alarcon, so., forward; David Vaughn, so., goalie; Juan Mendez, fr., forward. Coach: Francesco Miceli.  

  Dolores Huerta: John Torres, jr., midfielder; Miguel Corral, sr., defender; John Kovatch, sr., midfielder; Steven Vasquez, sr., defender. Coach: Russ Avina.


Thursday—Lamar at Dolores Huerta, 4 p.m., Roncalli; Saturday—Centennial at Alamosa, 10 a.m.;  Canon at Central, 10 a.m.; East at Pueblo West, 10 a.m.; Pueblo County at South, 1 p.m.;

Sept. 15—Canon at East, 7 p.m.; Centennial at Pueblo West, 6:30 p.m.; Alamosa at Pueblo County, 6 p.m.; South at Central, 4:30 p.m.

Sept. 17—Dolores Huerta at Discovery Canyon, 4 p.m.;

Sept. 19—Pueblo East at Centennial, 10 a.m.; Alamosa at South, 1 p.m.; Canon at Pueblo County, 10 a.m.; Central at Pueblo West, 10 a.m.;

Sept. 22—Pueblo County at Centennial, 4:30 p.m.; Pueblo West at Alamosa, 4 p.m.; South at Canon City, 6:30 p.m.; Central at East, 7 p.m.; Woodland Park at Dolores Huerta, 4 p.m., Roncalli;

Sept. 24—St. Mary's at Dolores Huerta, 4 p.m., Roncalli; Sept. 25—Centennial at Canon City, 6:30 p.m.;

Sept. 26—Alamosa at Central, 10 a.m.; East at Pueblo County, 1 p.m.; Pueblo West at South, 1 p.m.;

Sept. 29—Centennial at Central, 4:30 p.m.; Canon City at Alamosa, 4 p.m.; South at East, 7 p.m.; Pueblo West at Pueblo County, 6 p.m.; Evangelical Christian Academy at Dolores Huerta, 4 p.m.  

Oct. 1—Dolores Huerta at Salida, 4 p.m.;

Oct. 3—Alamosa at East, 10 a.m.; South at Centennial, 1 p.m.; Canon City at Pueblo West, 10 a.m.; Dolores Huerta at Fountain Valley, 1 p.m.;

Oct. 6—Alamosa at Centennial, 4:30 p.m.; South at Pueblo County, 6 p.m.; Central at Canon City, 6:30 p.m.; Pueblo West at East, 7 p.m.; James Irwin at Dolores Huerta, 4 p.m.;

Oct. 8—Central at Pueblo County, 6 p.m.; Pueblo West at Cheyenne Mountain, 6 p.m.; Dolores Huerta at Colorado Springs Christian School, 4 p.m.;

Oct. 10—Pueblo West at Centennial, 10 a.m.; East at Canon City, 10 a.m.; Pueblo County at Alamosa, 10 a.m.; South at Sand Creek, 10 p.m.

Oct. 13—Centennial at East, 7 p.m.; South at Alamosa, 4 p.m.; Pueblo County at Canon City, 6:30 p.m.; Pueblo West at Central, 4:30 p.m.; Dolores Huerta at Colorado Springs School, 4 p.m.;

Oct. 17—Centennial at Pueblo County, 10 a.m.; Alamosa at Pueblo West, 10 a.m.; Canon City at South, 1 p.m.; East at Central, 10 a.m.;

Oct. 19—Central at Centennial, 4:30 p.m.; East at South (Cup game), 7 p.m.;

Oct. 20—Centennial at Canon City, 4:30 p.m.; Central at Alamosa, 4 p.m.; Pueblo West at South, 6:30 p.m.; Pueblo County at East, 7 p.m.; Dolores Huerta at The Classical Academy, 4 p.m.;

Oct. 22—Pueblo County at Pueblo West, 4:30 p.m.; Alamosa at Canon City, 6:30 p.m.; Manitou Springs at Dolores Huerta, 4 p.m., Roncalli

*Centennial, Central, East and South play their home games at Dutch Clark Stadium.

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