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Mid Plains Community College Partnership

Coaches Aid and ASBN is excited to announce a revolutionary and exciting new partnership in the
broadcast of amateur athletics in the Rocky Mountain and Plains region! The MidPlains Community
College (MPCC) system and Coaches Aid have entered into a media partnership that will allow
supporters of McCook Community College and North Platte Community College to view and support
their student athletes on over 60 broadcasts during the next 5 months. What started as conversation 
regarding broadcasting the softball program’s games at North Platte has now extended to both 
campuses including men’s and women’s basketball, men’s baseball, and women’s softball. In a true 
measure of a partnership, both Coaches Aid and MidPlains share the vision of providing personal 
development for the student athletes along with the broadcasting of their games. To that end, this 
year’s agreement calls for community events, leadership training and exciting game action broadcast 
on the ASBN Internet network (www.coachesaid.com) every week for the remainder of the school year. 
If you are interested in viewing or participating in these MPCC events please contact Coaches Aid at 

Coaches Aid will be broadcasting the first in a series of events  from Nebraska showcasing the North Platte Knights taking on the Doane Tigers tonight from North Platte Community College.

Coaches Aid is proud to be able to represent the Mid Plains Community College with a whole list of events coming up during late winter and early fall.  Check back often for more information.  Catch tonight's game HERE, starting at 7:15 Central.

article updated on 01/10/14 10:48


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