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Coaches Aid and USA Weightlifting


American Open December 6-8
Coaches Aid had the priviledge of broadcasting this years American Open Weightlifting Championship in Dallas, Texas. The event spanned over 3 days and featured over 400 athletes competing. Weightlifters of all ages and all weights competed to show who was the strongest of their division. A large ice storm hit Dallas during the event, surprisingly only a few athletes where unable to make it to the event. Although there were many closures the event still ran strong and at many times we saw standing room only in the venue. 
Coaches Aid began their relationship with USA Weighlifting back in July when we broadcast the National Championships in West Chester, Ohio. After a strong broadcast we were presented the opportunity to broadcast the American Open. 
The three day event had over 30 hours of broadcast time, and at one point had three different platforms streaming live at the same time. This event brought us a record number of viewers which was a first for Coaches Aid and USA Weightlifting. Along with the traditional weight lifters many of this years contestants came from the crossfit background which is now starting to integrate with the weightlifting world. This is playing a huge part in the record numbers in contestants and online viewers.
For those of you who don't know much about the sport here is a basic run down of how weightlifitng works. Athletes compete in their respective weight classes and compete in 2 different events which consist of the Snatch, and the Clean and Jerk. The athletes can attempt each lift 3 different times. If an attempt is successful the athlete can choose to up their weight. The highest weight lifted from each event are added together for a "Total" and then calculated with their physical body weight which then determines the overall winner for that weight division.
Coaches Aid looks forward to continue the relationship with USA Weightlifting and will be hosting the Junior Nationals in Aurora, Colorado at the end of January.

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