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USA Weightlifting American Open - Platform 1

Catch more live action from the following platforms

Platform 2 - Platform 3

article updated on 12/6/13 17:07

LesMemphis on 12/07/13 12:42 PM said:
Yes , we are out here ... you are not alone .... thanks for the feed (despite your difficulties) .....
LesMemphis on 12/07/13 12:56 PM said:
What happened to the start list ... on USA website ... it would help us guess
MommaFontana on 12/07/13 03:18 PM said:
Christmas Abbott is one of the first women to become a full-time member of a Nascar pit crew.
KatieB on 12/07/13 03:42 PM said:
Hey guys, will there be an archive of videos from the weekend anywhere?
jellybelly on 12/07/13 04:07 PM said:
does anyone else feel like these two jokers are the worst commentators every in the history of a sporting event. ramble on ramble on
LesMemphis on 12/07/13 09:13 PM said:
Go Megan Kranz
LesMemphis on 12/08/13 12:41 PM said:
ALL RIGHT waiting for Travis Cooper .... 150 ? 190 ? wonder
BreanneHavard on 12/08/13 05:20 PM said:
Goo Erin Garcia!!!! I am on a plane, feed keeps freezing ! Oh ya Goooooo Jessica your doing awesome commentating !
Mama Dawn on 12/08/13 06:26 PM said:
Good job Erin!
DJB2k6 on 12/12/14 09:36 AM said:
no feed?
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