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Proehlific Park Winter Youth League

Greensboro Clash



CoachesAid.com will be broadcasting live from Proehlific Park in Greensboro, NC on January 12, 2013.

The broadcast will be a pay-per-view (PPV) feature on CoachesAid.com. To watch the live games as they happen you can purchase an All-Access package or buy the live streams individually ($5 each).

One-month all-access purchases will also include unlimited access to all On-Demand recordings of the games, which will be made available on CoachesAid.com within 5-10 days after the event concludes (also available to purchase individually when they are posted to the site).

Look below for a schedule of games from each court as well as instructions on how to buy and watch the event.

Live Streams:
Technical difficulties do happen when broadcasting live from amateur sporting venues. Therefore we have a policy of not processing payments until 48 hours after the event. If the event was not able to be broadcasted live, we cancel those purchases so that customers are not charged for broadcasts that did not happen. If you have questions or comments about a live event or on-demand product, please email: support@coachesaid.com.

On-Demand and DVDs:
Any on-demand videos and DVDs of games broadcasted from this event will be available 5-10 days after the event. On-Demand videos are available for individual 24-hour rentals or can be viewed on an unlimited basis with an All-Access package purchase. If you are interested in purchasing DVDs from this event, please contact Marc Largent (mlargent@coachesaid.com) for more information.


Helpful Links:
Live ScheduleOn-Demand Videos | Purchasing Instructions | All-Access Packages


Saturday, January 12 Schedule

From Court 1
(grades in parenthesis)

9am - Tar Heels vs. Wildcats (4/5)
10am - Celtics vs. Lakers (4/5)
11am - Ballers vs. Cougars (6/7)
Noon - Bengals vs. Tar Heels (6/7)
1pm - Red Hawks vs. Thunder Bolts (6/7)
2pm - Stampeders vs. Carolina Preps (4/5)
3pm - Heat vs. Tar Heels (4/5)
4pm - Terminators vs. Team Elite (4/5)
5pm - Hoosiers vs. Carolina Preps (4/5)
6pm - Lady Gaters vs. Blue Devils (6-8)
7pm - Lady Heat vs. Betty Hoops (6-8)
8pm - Bulls vs. Badgers (8-10) 

From Court 1
(grades in parenthesis)

Noon - Fire Balls vs. Hawks (2/3)
1pm - Bulls vs. Heat (2/3)
2pm - Thunder vs. Team All Out (2/3)
3pm - Blue Devils vs. Bengals (2/3)
4pm - Titans vs. Panthers (2/3)
5pm - Generals vs. Flames (6/7)
6pm - Fighting Irish vs. Aggies (6/7)
7pm - The A Team vs. Spartans (6/7)
8pm - Comets vs. Timberwolves (8-10)

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